Shudder Film Review – Anything For Jackson (2020)

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And now for something completely different from the director of such wholesome enriching fluff as; Christmas in Paris, Forest Faries, and Hometown Holiday, you will be astonished by this high calibre horror evoking panic from the outset.

Opening with a somewhat mature, seemingly ordinary couple in conversation over breakfast at the beginning of their day, unexpected hostility hits with an immediate thud leaving the viewer bewildered with only a glimpse of what madness is coming.

Audrey (Sheila McCarthy) and Henry (Julian Richings) are grief-stricken grandparents who happen to be Satanists about to conduct a long gestating kidnapping plan in order to potentially reincarnate their late, toddler grandson.

Through a series of flashbacks, Henry, the local Doctor has been secretly scanning candidates and after much preparation, an innocent victim has been chosen.

A ritual involving an ancient book of the dead seems to be conjuring the right spirits at first, soon things spiral out of control when paranormal activity leaps around the house in weird jolting entities aiming to hurt including a spider-like reverse-walking demon reminiscent of, The Exorcist (1973).

Konstantina Mantelos is a revelation as their captured, pregnant victim Shannon. Her strain and confused state of mind soon turns from shock, to acute thought on how to escape the soundproof room in which she is trapped on a bed, Misery (1990) style.

Her director, Justin G. Dyck, one to watch beyond his yuletide delights.

Cinematographer Sasha Moric, intensifies situations with sleek visual gleam and John McCarthy, matches eeriness with his illustrious score.

Another terrific Shudder exclusive not to be missed, although you may never want to floss your teeth again.


Horror | USA, 2020 | 18 | Shudder Original | 3rd December 2020 (Internet)| Dir.Justin G.Dyck | Sheila McCarthy, Julian Richings, Konstantina Mantelos

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