Joe Manganiello Gets ‘Interdimensional’ In Archenemy UK Trailer

One film I’ve been eager to see is Daniel Egypt-Mortimer‘s Daniel Isn’t Real. The director is already onto to his next film and he’s moving into sci-fi action thriller with Archenemy. Today Altitude Films have released the UK Trailer as Joe Manganiello gets ‘interdimensional’, Max Fist the hero we all need in these troubled times!

This film seems to be a real mish mash of genres, it feels like a superhero film for those who are a little tired of MCU. We do enjoy MCU but you do need to cleanse the palette every so often and this has the protentional to do that. You wonder why Manganiello hasn’t had a bigger superhero role outside his Deathstroke cameo in the Justice League?!

In this one Manganiello plays Max Fist a homeless, alcoholic man who claims to be a interdimensional hero from another universe. Powerless and with only a local teen who believes him, the pair attempt to clean the streets from a local druglord.

This looks very interesting, visually for an indie looks fantastic, the tease is , does Max have ‘powers’? We do hope so!

Max Fist was the greatest hero of a vast city in another universe. He saved his world from destruction but crashed through space and time… and wound up here – a desolate American suburb. Or so he says.

Powerless and a broken drunk, no one believes Max’s stories about his glory days until he meets a kid called Hamster. When the mob comes after Hamster’s family, Max must learn what it means to be a hero — here, now, without superpowers — one brutal blow at a time.

The film also stars Skylan Brooks, Glenn Howerton, Zolee Griggs, Joseph D. Reitman, and Amy Seimetz.

Archenemy will be released in the UK and Ireland on DVD and Digital HD from 22nd February.