First Look At UK indie Horror Shepherd Starring Tom Hughes

The first look images and Poster for upcoming British indie horror Shepherd have been released. Written and directed by Russell Owen  and stars Tom Hughes (Victoria), Kate Dickie (The VVitch, The Game Of Thrones), Greta Scaachi (The Player) and Gaia Weiss (Vikings).

Tom Hughes plays Eric who takes a job as an shepherd in a remote island on the West Coast of Scotland. He takes it after the mysterious death of his adulteress wife, he looks like he’s drowning in guilt. The job first starts as an escape looks like a battle to save his sanity.

This one looks like a character driven horror with a big slice of paranormal. The director was inspired by the ghost stories of the old lighthouse keepers of Wales.  You could say Robert Eggers The Lighthouse might be a big inspiration for this film…

Widower Eric Black (Tom Hughes) attempts suicide after the suspicious death of his adulterous wife. He becomes distracted by a bizarre advertisement for a shepherd, working alone on a remote, desolate island off the west coast of Scotland. Eric grabs the chance to run away from his troubles and reflect. But the island is a psychological trap.

What appears to be the perfect wind swept escape turns into the most terrifying, unescapable nightmare.

A bump in the night morphs into a horrifying mind game, where the paranormal meets one man’s escalating madness. Haunting images of his dead wife and a mysterious hooded figure taunt Eric to the brink of insanity.

Eric needs to face his greatest fears if he has any chance of surviving and escaping the island.

Shepherd is set for release in the UK and Ireland later in 2021.