Film Review – The Elfkins (2019)

SynopsisThe Elfkins (Cert PG, 78mins)

Gnomeo & Juliet meets Trolls. The Elfkins is a funny, colourful and uplifting story about being accepted no matter how big or small you are.

For more than 200 years, the Elfkins have been living underground, hiding from the upper world and avoiding any interaction with human beings. But one day a small but fearless gnome, together with two of her best friends, climb to the earth’s surface to discover that not all is doom and gloom and find their true purpose in life: helping others!

Signature Entertainment presents The Elfkins on DVD and Digital HD 25th January


An enjoyable family film that opens up conversations along the way.

Like how many fables and stories of old get twisted, Elfkins believe humans to be mean, nasty beings who have forced Elkfins to live underground. Each year they put on a show to reinforce the story and to scare the small ones into staying underground.

As with many families, there is always the one who doesn’t quite fit in, and for the Elfkins, this is Helvi and she decides it is time to find her talent by being taught by a human, like in the days of old, the very same beings that the Elfkins now believe are sneaky and lazy.

Helvi and her two friends end up in a Bakery. A perfect trade to learn, only this Baker, who is taking the fact there are talking “Gnomes” in his shop a lot better than I ever would, doesn’t want to Bake anymore, let alone train anyone.

Theo has a longstanding feud with his brother and is ready to shut up shop for good and hand over his building to his brother but the Elfkins show Theo what a fabulous bakery he once had and could have again. Although, it takes a while as the Elves do seem to behave how 6-year-olds would if they were given free rein in a supermarket and bakery.

The film feels like an up-to-date version of the Elves and the Shoemaker by Brothers Grimm, shown from the eyes of the Elves.

It is filled with constant action and background music, set at a good pace for children and is bright, colourful and eventful throughout.

My 9-year-old has recommended this film to his friends and I just want to visit the new and improved Bakery, and maybe get me some Elfkins to help around the house.

Animation, Adventure, Comedy | Germany, 2019 | PG | Digital HD | 25th January 2021 (UK) | Dir.Ute von Münchow-Pohl | Jella Haase, Louis Hofmann, Leon Seidel