Disney+ Review – WandaVision (Episode 3)

This week in the wacky world of WandaVision – “Now in Color” sees the two Avengers deal with Wanda’s rapid pregnancy.

Leaving the fifties behind, the new episode parodies the sitcoms of the seventies. I must admit I really enjoyed the aesthetics this week, the costume and set design were immaculate once again.

Wanda and Vision are left reeling as Wanda becomes pregnant, progresses through three trimesters and gives birth all in the space of a day. The pregnancy wreaks havoc with her powers, causing flash rain storms indoors and a painted stalk coming to life, so once again the couple must comically battle to keep their magical nature a secret from neighbours.

Like the first two episodes, the show works as a comedy in and of itself however the creeping sense of something being wrong has begun to overshadow the comic elements. Not that that’s a bad thing – it’s just the overarching story arc is making its way to centre stage. However, I still enjoyed the comic elements immensely – particularly Vision’s over-the-top responses to the various whims of Wanda’s pregnancy.

The episode takes a sharp turn however as it is revealed that one of their neighbours is not who they seem, resulting in Wanda taking action. This, combined with a moment earlier in the episode where Wanda “resets” the scene after Vision raises suspicions about the neighbourhood, confirms that whatever’s going on Wanda is at the centre of it.

Each time a scene shifts from comic to serious it’s a perfect juxtaposition of tones. It makes for a tense and uncomfortable watch – you want to know what’s going on but on the other hand you just want Vision and Wanda to live happily in their sitcom world. At the end of this episode, we see some sort of base, dark and ominous, which only raises questions and a sense of dread.

While we didn’t really learn much more about Wanda and Vision’s situation, episode three has ramped up the intrigue. While the comedy is not as central as the premiere two episodes, WandaVision has maintained its charm and is fast becoming a highlight of my week.

Comedy, action, drama | USA, 2021 | 12+ | Disney+ | Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn