Arrow Getting Straight To The Point In January


This maybe the month diets are started and ended, resolutions are made then broken. In January, Arrow will go straight to the point, they will deliver. The promise the channel will deliver the usual curated selection of movies that the Arrow Video brand is famous for.

This month will be packed with Spanish Shocks, Cult Kitsch, and Exclusive horror shorts. More about them below after watch January’s Featured Presentations‘ Trailer

In January, ARROW are premiering a new era in short films under the ARROW Shorts banner with an exclusive collection of extraordinary Covid-era chillers that will send your mind reeling, as well as an unmissable selection of brand new additions to the channel

ARROW presents an exclusive selection of the outstanding entries from its HORROR LOCKDOWN SHORTS contest, short films delivering slick, sharp scares, delving into oft-uncharted and bizarre worlds, offering a glimpse of burgeoning new talent just waiting to burst forth. The entries were judged by cult directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, who said the films are “better than they have any right to be”.

The films include the surreal and innovative lockdown lunacy of Silent & Deadly, featuring a disgruntled armchair; the marvellously macabre and unexpected UnTooned; the strikingly eerie The Wedding Ritual; the very creepy nerve-jangler Stagnant; the mini-giallo split-screen shocker A Date with Death; the almost unbearably intense and nightmarish Insecticide; the brilliantly chilling and atmospheric The Drawing; the mournful and moving The Garden; the unhappy playroom of Toys and the superbly realised Night Feed.

Resourceful, timely, and each delivering a bite-sized nugget of thrills and kills, the inaugural additions to ARROW Shorts show horror is alive, well, and incredibly exciting, even if it is socially distanced.

Also showing on ARROW from January 4th:
[REC] (UK)

28 Days Later meets The Blair Witch Project as a mysterious virus turns the inhabitants of an apartment building into a horde of frenzied, bloodthirsty ghouls in [REC] – the original 2007 “found footage” phenomenon that spawned a hit franchise and US remake. Fusing the zombie genre with the “found footage” format to throw the audience right into the midst of the action, [REC] is a terrifying, relentless rollercoaster ride which builds to one of the horror genre’s all time bone-chilling climaxes.


Visionary filmmaker Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden) helms this gripping tale of deceit, misunderstanding and the senselessness of war, set in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea, where a team of investigators must investigate a shooting in the fraught no-man’s land. The recipient of multiple accolades, including Best Film at South Korea’s 2001 Grand Bell Awards, JSA – Joint Security Area showcases Park’s iconic style in an embryonic form, and demonstrates that humanity and common purpose can be found in the most unlikely places.


From writer director Anna Biller (Viva) comes this startling and fabulous comedy horror about a modern-day witch (the wonderful Samantha Robinson) using spells to nab herself a man. Beautifully filmed and packed with gloriously retro stylings, this is a giddy take on the 1970s exploitation film with a uniquely feminist slant and eyeliner to die for.


BAFTA-winning director Lynne Ramsay’s powerful adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s international bestseller is the controversial story of a mother attempting to connect with her son, who shows disturbing traits and a lack of affection. Featuring outstanding performances from Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton, John C Reilly, and Ezra Miller, chillingly believable as the titular character, Ramsay’s film is moving, shocking and profound, and a thoughtful and incisive examination of the nature or nurture debate.


They say the course of true love never runs smooth, and that’s something of an understatement here on Arrow where the course of true love often features seductive witchcraft, torture, madness, murder, extreme violence and a gorilla. Ah, l’amore!

Films featured include: Spell-induced romance and in the kitsch comedy The Love Witch, depraved and disturbing imagery in Orgies of Edo and We Are The Flesh, damaged souls in the grindhouse gem Toys Are Not For Children, a fight for love in Tokyo Fist and many more.


We know how it is… New year, new resolutions. Every second counts. Time is money. We hear you – and we are here to help! This collection is for anybody who feels Short on Time. You can indulge in some of the best features and shorts we have to offer – with every title clocking in under a cool 75 minutes! You’ll be saving time but not sacrificing on quality. What’s not to love?

Films featured include: The delectably short and sinister debut The Bloodhound, the relentlessly gory Blood Feast and The Gruesome Twosome, the fast and furious Tetsuo Iron Man and shorts such as A Hot Night At The Go Go Lounge and Jim Van Bebber’s RoadKill: The Last Days of John Martin

You’ve all been very bad, cavorting around on ARROW, watching disgusting films and enjoying it too. Have you no shame? Good. But now it’s time to ‘Pray for Forgiveness’ with a sinful selection of films for you blasphemous heretics to think on your sins too.

Films featured include: Italian religious shockers Beyond the Door and Killer Nun, killer kids punishing transgressions in the 80s classic Children of the Corn, damnation and soul-tearing in Clive Barker’s seminal Hellraiser and withcraft and torture in the controversial and unsettling Mark of the Devil.

The kids aren’t alright. From troublesome teens to savage siblings, this rabble of pintsized ruffians are badly behaved and baying for your blood!

Films featured include: The stunning portrait of a boy gone, or born, bad in We Need to Talk About Kevin, killer kids on the rampage in Bloody Birthday, twins of evil in the cult slasher classic Blood Rage, a sister scorned, with a vicious dog for company, in Madhouse.

We all know CGI blood sucks and that lovingly-crafted hand-made artery-gushing flesh-peeling stomach-churning practical effects are where it’s at, so our ‘Make-Up Effects Masterclass’ is a shelf full of examples of the best, from the best.

Films featured include: The drooling, gruelling latex ripping delights of Re-Animator and the sequel Bride of Re-Animator,  80s-style splatter in Creepshow 2 and the good old-fashioned gore and gristle on Island of Death.

In February, we see the UK launch of ARROW – a brand new video on demand service playing exclusive new films, cult classics, documentaries and shorts from the hottest new filmmakers along with a curated library of world cinema, TV, extras and more!

It’s time to join the cult. Switch on, tune in and start your 7 day free trial now: Amazon (UK)