Yippee Ki Yay Space Aliens In Anti-Life UK Trailer Starring Bruce Willis!


Yippee Ki Yay, Bruce Willis is heading into deep space for his next film in Anti-Life. Signature Entertainment has released the film’s UK Trailer as the Die Hard alumni takes on shapeshifting space aliens. He does have some help from The Punisher aka Thomas Jane!

Amazing to think their was a time our lead actor could command a big box office film. How times have changed, as we tend to find the actor more in direct to DVD films than cinema releases. That’s not always a negative thing especially with the industry constantly changing.

In this one (called Breach in the USA), Mr Willis plays Clay Young plays an mechanic onboard an Earth spaceship fleeing Earth as an Plague devastates the planets. The ship does have a stowaway, a shapeshifting alien intent in killing of the inhabitants onboard. Clay must fight against the alien including using the ship as a weapon.

We’re not going to lie here, this is generic, very low budget. You can look at this two ways: Go with the flow and enjoy the silly nonsense that will unfold unfold in front of you. Or just despise everything this film has to offer.

ANTI-LIFE is an edge-of-your-seat sci-fi thriller with an (inter)stellar cast starring Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Cody Kearsley (Riverdale) and Thomas Jane (The Mist).

Set in the near future, a spaceship flees a devastating plague on planet Earth with a few thousand survivors on board – the last remnants of humanity.

But the ship has a stowaway: a shape-shifting alien whose goal is slaughter everyone on board.

Clay Young (Bruce Willis) and his team are a hardened group of mechanics picked to stay awake and maintain the interstellar ark.

The film co-stars Cody Kearsley, Rachel Nichols, Callan Mulvey, Kassandra Clementi, Timothy V. Murphy.

Anti-Life will be released in the UK and Ireland from 12th February 2021 on DVD and Digital HD.