Watch The Call UK Trailer Starring Lin Shaye And Tobin Bell

Four friends, one call to survive and when the man of the house is Jigsaw himself  aka Tobin Bell, you MAKE that call! Dazzler Media announce they will be releasing the creepy horror The Call in the UK, they release the film’s official UK  Trailer. But who are these pesky kids calling? none other than Horror icon Lin Shaye…From the Grave!

The film comes from Timothy Woodward Jr. the creator of Final Destination franchise. Which sees a group of young folks break into the house of a older couple whom they accuse the woman of the house (Shaye) to be a witch. Their worst nightmares come true when the woman dies and the husband (Bell) forces the accused into the realm of The Call. They must make a 60 second call to survive, but who are they calling?

Woodward Jr has made an name killing off people in unusual ways, now it’s time to do it in a more ‘grounded’ way. From the grave!

From the creator of Final Destination, horror icons Lin Shaye (Insidious franchise, Dead End) and Tobin Bell (Saw franchise, The Flash) star in this terrifying tale of death from the fall of 1987.

After a tragic accident, a group of small town friends must survive the night in the home of a sinister couple. One by one, their worst nightmares quickly become reality as they enter the realm of “The Call”. Four friends. One phone call. 60 seconds. Stay alive.

Also starring Chester Rushing (Stranger Things, Monster Party) and packed with supernatural scares and psychological twists, The Call is a must-see horror uniting two of the genre’s best-loved stars.

The film also stars Chester Rushing, Erin Sanders, Mike Manning, Sloane Morgan Siegel, and Judd Lormand.

Dazzler Media presents The Call on DVD & Digital Download from 11th January 2021.