Watch The Brilliant The Humanity of Cinema Video Essay

There’s a saying ‘A Picture Paints A Thousand Words‘, look deep into what your looking at the image can easily explain more than words can. In cinema itself, a scene, a facial expression, body language can equally deliver more impact than dialogue.

Youtube creator The Framewriter has recently created this brilliant Video EssayThe Humanity Of Cinema‘ . Through film, you can learn about the human psyche, the mindset, the emotional wellbeing of it’s characters. The films in this six and half minute video all focus on the aforementioned topics (Call Me By Your Name, Her, Drive, Lost In Translation Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, etc…). Cinema reminds us we are lonely, we want to remember, we want to love, we want to care, we’re angry we’re remorseful. I could go on and on but life isn’t perfect neither are we humans.

Check out the video below, see what you think. If you do love the video essay remember to head over to the Youtube page and subscribe to their channel…

Source: The Framewriter