Watch Gollum Sing Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U

Nothing better than having a good laugh, smiling or in this case singing. The precious himself Gollum needs some cheering, that much he takes up singing!

Below is a funny, but rather silly  video of The Lord Of The Rings iconic character Gollum singing  Nothing Compares 2 U. The song written by Prince made famous by Sinead O’Connor all created by the ‘Deepfake‘ software , yes that one used to create The Queen’s Channel 4 ‘Christmas message‘.

The video produced by Deep Voodoo VFX Studio‘s Chris Ume (South Park). The video was released by Ian Walters on his youtube channel who was asked as the model for the video. Then mimicked as Gollum  and lyrics changed to fit ‘the precious’, enjoy…

Nothing can stop these tears from falling
Tell me precious, where did we go wrong
We can put our hands around the neck of every Hobbit we see
But they only remind us of you
And we got tortured by the dark lord
But guess what we told him
Guess what we told him precious
We screamed “SHIRE” and “Baggins”
Then we cried and cursed and gurgled
Like we do, but he’s a fool
Because nothing compares, nothing compares
To you my precious.

Source: Geektyrant