Im Thinking Of Ending Things. Jessie Buckley as Young Woman in Im Thinking Of Ending Things. Cr. Mary Cybulski/NETFLIX © 2020

Watch Dino Kos’ Cinema 2020 – A Year in Film Video


2020 may have been an nightmare in many levels, and even with the delays there was some fine films out this year. Today we get another look at what 2020 has given us in cinema with Dino KosCinema 2020 – A Year in Film Video. We all know about Wagman Studios and Sleepy Skunk’s fantastic video mashups, Dino Kos mashup is another one you should check out. Reflect, smile, get frustrated. You will see the usual suspects, and a few films if your like us  not yet released in the UK yet, most of all enjoy…

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2020 in general was hard hitting on everybody and we all find solace in things we enjoy most, so for me films that came out this year were quite interesting to keep my mind occupied and active while watching as much as I can. Usually, these edits feature films I’ve seen, so there is quite a few that didn’t make this cut. Even though a lot of films were delayed, there was quite a variety of them on streaming andPVOD that had their moment of spotlight. It was a pretty solid year all in all, featuring some great performances and stories that made an impression on me and keeping the conversation going in the film world. While we await the return to the big screen, there is still a lot good films out there that came out this year that deserve to be seen.

All footage and clips used in the montage remain courtesy of their respective studios.
Source: Youtube