Sunday Short Theatre – La Couleur de tes Lèvres (The Color of Your Lips)

Originality is a rare treat these days, this weeks Sunday Short Theatre has some. Canadian short La Couleur de tes Lèvres (The Colour of Your Lips) looks like that rare treasure of originality.

When it comes to originality it doesn’t always mean everything you see on the screen has to be 100%. That would be a dream scenario, a touch of originality is perfect, Annick Blanc‘s film is somewhere in the middle.

The film comes from the Montreal based studio Midi La Nuit who are no strangers to success. They produced Oscar nominated films Fauve and Brotherhood. Could this one follow suit one would hope so.

The Colour Of Your Lips is an 18 minute sci-fi drama that comes with a big ‘what if…’ question. What if suddenly the atmosphere  that lets us breathe suddenly makes it impossible for us to breathe? The film follows 2 people: A woman and a diver, when air supply slowly run out what will both do? Make love or war?

We get many fantastic films enjoyment ruined thanks to over complicated plots. This film keeps things simple, which help keeps things progressing naturally. You don’t always need dialogue to deliver something truly powerful and this film does this perfectly . Central focus on the image itself selling the viewer the dread of what awaits our films characters. Immersive, innovative film.

In an atmosphere grown suddenly impossible to breathe, a diver and a woman appear to be the only survivors. As their reserves of air run out, will they make love or war?

source: Vimeo