Join Us! – The Peoples Movies Is Recruiting!

2020 is nearly over, a new year hopefully better year for everyone in 2021. Here at The Peoples Movies We’re recruiting  we love you to join us!?

At the moment we’re in the process of contacting potential writers, but we want to you get a chance to join us.  What are we looking for?

News editor/writer you will be in charge as well as working with the main editor bringing the news, trailers, related stuff from the world of film, streaming, television and all related stuff. Anime/Animation writers you’ll write about the news, trailers and views as well as the reviews of all things animated (including those streaming channels). Talking of streaming writer/editor same again the news, trailers, views and the reviews from such channels as Netflix, Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, Shudder, MUBI, etc…). Do you love writing but not reviews? We’re looking for writers write those Articles, features, lists and essays.

2021 Podcast will be launched we are looking for a co-host, film bloggers to join us on our journey, get in touch!

No experience really required , but does help you have some experience. We ask you are full of passion and have a lot of enthusiasm for the areas you want to write about. Very creative, bursting with ideas, reliable, able to  stick to deadlines and delivering what you promise. we would expect a good level of spelling and grammar too.

fill in the form below and get in touch, good luck…

Please note if your looking to get your articles/features/ sponsored posts for gambling, pharmaceutical , poker, your application will be deleted and you will blacklisted.