Film Review – The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands (2018)

Discover the dazzling story that inspired Frozen!

In this magical fairy-tale we discover a powerful king who nearly loses his family due to the snow queen’s evil deeds. In response, the king seeks a way to withdraw all magic from the world – and all those with master magical powers are banished to the Mirrorlands.

The only one who can stop him is our hero Gerda, and her only way out of the Mirrorlands is to make an alliance with the snow queen herself. The unlikely pair then embark on an exciting, frosty adventure to free her banished family.

The latest offering from acclaimed studio Wizart Animation, The Snowqueen: Mirrorlands


The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands is the fourth movie in the Snow Queen saga, and whilst some elements of the film refer to events in the prior films and the characters knowing each other and speaking as if we know them well, the film can be watched without viewing the prior three.

You may well find yourself in search for the prior films, as this film is a good family movie with a lovely feel-good ending and leaving you wanting to know how Gerda and the Snow Queen find themselves working together.

Gerda lives in a world filled with magic, but unlike the rest of her family Gerda is the only one who can not perform magic and whilst this gets her down, this works in her favour as King Harold goes on a mission to banish every magical person to the Mirrorland, to where the evil Snow Queen is kept captive.

Gerda sets off across the land to find the trolls, who are not like trolls in most films and rather loveable creatures who agree to help Gerda get the portal to the Mirrorland open before they go into hiding, as the King is hunting the trolls down too!

He’s not a nice guy, and if he’s not a nice guy how evil is the Snow Queen! This is where we need to watch the prior movies, the King must have been emotionally hurt in prior films and his son witnesses the hate in his father’s eyes for magical people and it takes his son’s rejection for him to realise how awful he’s been.

There are further happy endings for Gerda and even the Snow Queen and it feels like a wrap-up to the four-film saga.

I am sure if you’ve watched the prior three films in this Snow Queen version, you’ll enjoy the latest film. We did.

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Animation, Adventure | Russia/USA, 2018 | Dir.Robert Lence, Aleksey Tsitsilin |Nikolai Bystrov, Anton Eldarov, Lyasan Utiasheva