Film Review – Capt’n Sharky (2020)

Signature Entertainment presents Captn Sharky available now on Digital HD and Amazon Prime Video 11th December. (Cert PG, 77 mins)


Pint-sized swashbuckler Captain Sharky thinks he is the most dangerous pirate on the Seven Seas. To prove his bravery, he sets sail with Mikey, a well-behaved boy whose life Sharky has turned upside down, and Bonnie, a trouble-shooting girl who tends to assume command in every situation. Together, this motley crew sails for big adventures as they thwart the plans of The Admiral and Old Bill the Pirate?


Capt’n Sharky is a loveable character (eventually) who sets out to get himself a crew to help man his ship but instead, he ends up with Mikey and Bonnie who do not like him at all!

We follow the story of the trio who spend the next 77 minutes trying to avoid capture from Bonnie’s father, the Admiral, and Old Bill, a rather nasty pirate who is out to capture the crew for the bounty placed on Bonnie’s head.

There are some rather funny and chuckle moments, some very silly moments that made us all laugh such as when one of Old Bill’s mates taking off his trousers to use as a flag only to forget he is naked and waves to the villages of a passing island. My 9-year-old laughed for ages at this.

There is a giant crab that befriends Capt’n Sharky and treats us all to the crab song and dance, and yes, a dance you can get up and join in with, well I am sure the children will anyway.

It is not a musical, and only has a couple of songs in the 77 minutes of the film which are bearable so a big plus on that note.

The film has an air of “Jack and the Neverland Pirates” to it, with the singing and constant escape from pirates. I would say this film is very much a children’s film rather than a family one, and one that will be enjoyed by all the young swashbucklers out there.

Capt’n Sharky is available now on Digital HD as well as Amazon Prime.