Watch 40 Minute Criterion Collection The Irishman Documentary

Next Monday 30th November Criterion Collection will release Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman in the UK and Ireland. Around one year ago Netflix released the epic crime drama which earned many rave reviews along with an array of awards. Now it’s time for the film to become the streaming channel’s third film (Roma, Marriage Story the other two)to join the boutique distributor’s releases.

With help from Netflix, today we get a chance to enjoy this intriguing Behind the scenes Documentary about The Irishman. Running at just under 40 minutes long which will go through the process of how they made the film. The commitment the actors had to the film, hearing the likes of Robert De Niro and other cast share their passion for it.

When it comes to these behind the scenes featurettes there usually bog standard. Running at nearly 3 and half hours this is more than your typical  featurette. Criterion Collection pride themselves on those extras and this one of those extras. Fan of Martin Scorsese we recommend you check this out…

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MARTIN SCORSESE’s cinematic mastery is on full display in this sweeping crime saga, which serves as an elegiac summation of his six-decade career. Left behind by the world, former hit man and union truck driver Frank Sheeran (Taxi Driver’s ROBERT DE NIRO) looks back from a nursing home on his life’s journey through the ranks of organized crime: from his involvement with Philadelphia mob boss Russell Bufalino (Goodfellas’ JOE PESCI) to his association with Teamsters union head Jimmy Hoffa (The Godfather’s AL PACINO) to the rift that forced him to choose between the two. An intimate story of loyalty and betrayal writ large across the epic canvas of mid-twentieth-century American history, The Irishman (based on the real-life Sheeran’s confessions, as told to writer Charles Brandt for the book I Heard You Paint Houses) is a uniquely reflective late-career triumph that balances its director’s virtuoso set pieces with a profoundly personal rumination on aging, mortality, and the decisions and regrets that shape a life.

The film stars a host of well know actors with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel the main cast. The Irishman will be released on Blu-Ray on 30th November.