The Casino Royale Poker Scene – The Rebirth of James Bond

Thinking back to when Daniel Craig took over as James Bond , it is surprising that it was a questioned move. While he has turned into one of the best 007 actors to date, it seemed at first that he may not be the right man for the job.

Casino Royale changed everything, and it did it in numerous ways. One of the most important was to show the charisma the actor showed, but also it showed James Bond at his weakest. To do this, Daniel Craig had to put on a believable experience when not only beating people up, but also being close to death. One of these scenes where he proved he could do this was the poker scene.

There’s no doubt the Bond franchise has had a huge influence on platforms like high roller casino online and in this poker scene Bond had one job, and that was to get the attention of Le Chiffre, played brilliantly by Mad Mikkelsen. The way to do this of course was to take on the man along with a few other nameless characters in a high stakes game of poker with a $24 million jackpot. The high stakes of course also included Bond’s life which was put in danger at one point.

What we see in the poker scene though is a masterfully directed scene where the tension is upped to fever pitch as the battle of wits take place. Each player has their poker face, with Bond’s being a certain charismatic arrogance as he attempts to swerve the game into his advantage. It is obvious that this is a battle between Le Chiffre and Bond, the other people are just there as added scenery.

Bond does manage to get Le Chiffre’s attention of course, leading to a poisoning attempt where Bond has to act fast to survive. This of course he manages to do, much to the chagrin of his new nemesis who goes on to exact revenge in a more sadistic way. The point of the poker scene though is to prove that James Bond was back and Daniel Craig is up to the job.

Casino Royale has gone down in movie history as not only one of the best Bond movies, but also a very good casino movie in general. When you play poker on a casino online you may not get the same tension you see on the screen in Casino Royale, but as a fan you’ll no doubt always respect the way the film represents the game, and uses it so successfully to create one of the most tension filled encounters Bond has ever been in.