Sunday Short Theatre – Sessions With Stan (2020)

You know what ‘dirty’ word is the most useful world in the world? ‘Fuck’! Seriously! Stan the man aka Stan Lee the most beloved Comic Book creator tells us all in this weeks Sunday Short Theatre.

Aron Fromm‘s animated short ‘Sessions With Stan‘ explains all. Fromm for years was the comicbook legend’s regular sound editor and this 2 minute short is a rare treat in many ways. The short contains a archival  unheard voiceover recording of ‘the old man’ Fromm states. Whilst we may not have known Mr.Lee personally, in the public’s eye he was a gent and didn’t swear or curse. This recording you will finally hear him swear, more precisely…say ‘Fuck’!

Yes true believers this short is Stan lee gives his opinion from the word go “I don’t say it because I don’t say dirty words.” Yes this will make you laugh, smile the man behind those great MCU cameos, those great Marvel comics from Spiderman to Avengers did swear.  He did think it was “the most useful word in the English language.”

We do miss Stan Lee and this is a genuine recording and off camera Stan had a naughty but fun persona…Excelsior!

This is a real recording, from one of my favourite memories of the old man. Produced & Directed by Aron Fromm.

Source: CBR