Sunday Short Theatre – Awkward (2020)

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We’ve all had those awkward moments, especially those socially awkward moments. They are not pleasant for you sometimes for everyone involved, like in this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, Awkward.

This week’s short film is an animated film from Ukrainian born filmmaker Nata Metlukh. She has taken charge of every aspect of the film: from the directing to the music and sound. This film may only be 3 plus minutes long it’s no easy feat. The short has picked up some awards along the away, including Best Short Film at Promofest.

The plot for the film is short and sweet – A day full of socially awkward moments. That description is all you really need for this film nor do we need someone to list all those moments. We would be here all day listing them and everyone’s awkwardness is different. So much of out daily lives see us experience those moments be it ourselves or the company we’re in at the time.

From your stomach rumbling, that friendly handshake gone wrong to that trapped win suddenly freeing itself in the most public places. We all want to go hide or rewind and start again, but we cant, that’s life we laugh along or just disappear.

Source: Colossal