Little Fish Trailer Olivia Cooke And Jack O’Connell Struggle For Love

Can you ever imagine waking up one day in a world when an unknown virus strikes. Worldwide when a pandemic gives its victims memory loss, leaving you trying to figure out is is that ‘stranger’ lying next to you in bed?

Tonight IFC Films have released the official First Trailer for Little Fish. As a memory loss virus runs rampant, one couple fights to hold their relationship together before the disease can erase all memory of their love in this sweeping sci-fi romance.

The film stars Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell as newlyweds Emma  and Jude find themselves in, not long after meeting and falling in love. When Jude contracts the memory loss disease, the young couple will do anything to hold onto the memory of their love.

In our Covid-19 world anything is possible, memory loss you could connect to early signs of Dementia. Films like Relic, and Falling other films people could relate to. It’s a terrifying prospect. This looks looks worth a look and indie romantic drama with equal parts sci-fi/horror.  2011 Perfect Sense (Ewan McGregor, Eva Green) pardon the punt comes to mind here, this one might just be a heartbreaker too?

When your disaster is everyone’s disaster, how do you grieve?” As the sickness, which causes you to slowly lose all your memories, runs rampant, the viewer follows an incredibly charming young married couple, played masterfully by Olivia Cooke and Jack O’Connell. They fight to hold their relationship together before the disease can erase all memory of their love.

The film also stars Soko, Raúl Castillo, and David Lennon.

This trailer is an American trailer so we have no word if or when this will get an UK release. If you live Stateside you can watch Little Fish on 5th February 2021.