Jordan Peele’s Next Horror Film Coming In 2022!

Last year Jordan Peele announced he had made a five year deal with Universal Pictures with his Monkeypaw Productions. It seems Get Out, US director is heading back to to his favourite genre Horror and Universal have announced it’s release date.

Entertainment Weekly are reporting Peele’s next Horror film which he’ll write, produce and direct will be released in Summer 2022. What the plot details will be are still under wraps, however Peele promised this untitled film will be ‘more scarier’ than his previous two films.

When Jordan Peele told the world he was going to direct films and horror films, it raised many of an eyebrow. A Television comedian who made a name for himself in Key and Peele with Keegan Michael Key. Get Out was a revelation, a directorial debut which won him an Oscar for best writing. The film also went onto earn nominations for Best film and Best director, a feat horror films rarely achieve.

Get Out will earn nearly $253 million (£190 million), at the box office globally . his follow up film was equally brilliant but more divisive with critics, US which earned $190 million (£131 million) globally.

The deal with Universal Pictures after this one still has few other projects in the can. No word if Peele will be directing or just involved in production. He has been busy more recently as a producer with the likes of The Twilight Zone series reboot, Hunters for Amazon and Lovecraft Country. He also produced the delayed Candyman reboot and recently set to produce The People Under The Stairs reboot.

From both these films and the work that Jordan Peele has done elsewhere as a producer, he is one of the best at delivering a social commentary. There’s no indication his third film will be similar or with more traditional horror tropes.