Jeff Nichols Set To Direct A Quiet Place Spin-Off

As we wait with pated breath in the long delayed A Quiet Place 2 , Paramount Pictures announce there’s going to be a third A Quiet Place. Or should we say a film set in the same universe according to Deadline with The Midnight Special director writing and directing the film.

It seems Paramount might still be planning a ‘third’ A Quiet Place along with this spin-off film. Fans of the film based on an original idea from John Krasinski will be delighted there is another potential two films on the way. Not forgetting Part 2 written and directed by Krasinski is scheduled for April 2021 release.

The report does state, there is no plot details revealed  or potential cast. As the film already has release date of 2022, however like Part 2 thanks to Covid-19 no date is set in stone.

A Quiet Place was an unexpected hit for Paramount Pictures in 2018. So it was no surprise the studio made a second film with Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe continuing the story. From the Trailer the family leave the confines of the farm they stayed on during the first film. We will see a little bit more of the world and how the other survivors are living with Alien monsters, who are blind and attack on sound. The Nichols film may expand following other survivors, whatever it will be could determine if the film be called A Quiet Place Part 3?

Krasinski is set to be onboard to produce this new film Sunday Night Banner along with Allyson Seeger, onboard as an executive producer. Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will also produce under their Platinum Dunes banner.