Gerard Butler Returning For Night Has Fallen aka Olympus Has Fallen 4

Olympus, London and have all fallen, now it’s time for Night Has Fallen. Mike Banning  despite the number of times he’s tried to retire he can’t get enough of the pain, neither can Gerard Butler.

Deadline are reporting the Scottish actor is reprising his role as Banning for an fourth instalment. He will be joined by franchise director Ric Roman Waugh who is set to direct again. Angel Has Fallen writer Robert Mark Kamen on scripting duties with Butler producing.

There is no details on exactly what the plot will be this time.  Butler plays Banning a Secret Service Agent who devoted his life to protect the President Of The United States Of America. First it was Aaron Eckhart when The White House  is taken hostage. In the second film things move to London he must protect the President who is attending the funeral of the British Prime Minster who is caught in assassination plot to kill all world leaders. In the last film Banning himself is framed for attempting to kill the president (this time Morgan Freeman) he must go on the run.

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Olympus Has Fallen may have not won awards on originality, it was a big silly fun film . The second film was horrible  and at this stage people wouldn’t have been annoyed if the franchise ended here. The third film surprised many critics at how entertaining the film was, which Mike Banning came face to face with his father (Nick Nolte).

We have no indication on what Night Has Fallen plot could be. Mike has many ‘friends’, he also has many ‘enemies’. He became the Director of the Secret Service, could he get itchy feet wanting to get into action. Or forced into protecting the President once again, will it be Allan Trumbull (Freeman)?