First (probably last) Look At Clifford The Big Red Dog

Something big is happening next year, hopefully the big something will be some sort of vaccination . eOne UK  has different plans  and they have revealed that plan with the First Look at Clifford The Big Red Dog will be in UK cinemas from Next Christmas, 2021.

Have a look, beware Clifford looks terrifyingly scary for young kids…

There’s no footage of the film in this promo, it’s really announcement promo to say the the film is coming December 2021. Clifford looks like an giant Golden Labrador puppy that’s went for a swim in a casket of red wine.

The film of course is going to be a live action version of the popular children’s books Clifford The Big Red Dog. Written by Norman Bridwell centred on a Labrador retriever who just happens to be red and BIG! Like all dogs start as small cute puppies and before you know it Clifford is 10 foot!

Darby Camp plays Emily who is the proud owner of Clifford who is shocked when her pride and joy drastically grows into a giant dog. This triggers the attention of an evil genetics company, who want Clifford and to learn what made him into an furry Godzilla.

This little Promo doesn’t convince us of the CGI work to make the dog big. It doesn’t look bad doesn’t look great either. I did show this trailer to an 6 year old member of the family, who is a fan of the books, this scared her.

The film also stars Jack Whitehall, Sienna Guillory, John Cleese, Rosie Perez, Kenan Thompson, and Horatio Sanz.

Clifford The Big Red Dog will be out December 2021 (November in the USA).