Film Review – 100% Wolf

Here come the furry Avengers…

In 100% Wolf, the werewolves of the story are essentially furry superheroes. By day they are a rich group of individuals all seemingly living in one big manor, and by night they take to their Wolf forms to save citizens from peril.

Young Freddy is still years away from joining his father, Flasheart, and his pack on their adventures. That doesn’t stop Freddy from trying to get in on the action though, as he follows them through the streets dawning a wolf mask in the shadows. While the young lad’s efforts are seen as admirable to the rest of the pack, Freddy’s grumpy uncle Hotspur sees him as a burden and in the way of him taking lead of the pack in future.

On the way home one night, Freddy and his father take a joyride through the woods with Flasheart still in wolf form and his son riding on his back. A passing ice cream truck driver spots the two and assumes the wolf had kidnapped the boy, giving chase. This leads to a series of unfortunate events, with Flasheart falling over a cliff never to be seen again.

With his father gone, a now older Freddy is preparing to follow in his father’s -ahem- paw prints and lead the pack. Uncle Hotspur attempts to get the gig himself, but the rest of the pack are more focused on moving on with Freddy as the new leader. However, on the night of his “wolfening”, Freddy finds himself transformed into a poodle rather than a werewolf. In order to prove himself worthy and to gain his wolf powers, Freddy sets out to retrieve a magical ring that he lost the night his father disappeared.

I’ll be completely honest here, I went into this film with low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. This is a completely enjoyable family viewing that kids are sure to have a good time with. Is there toilet humour? Of course, but this doesn’t stop the film from being genuinely quite funny at times. It has some really great character designs too which are one of the biggest highlights of the film for me personally and a great almost entirely Australian cast.

It’s clear that Flying Bark Productions have talent, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next going forward with their team.

100% Wolf is now available on digital and on DVD.