Everyone Wants To Got Heaven In The Glass Man Trailer

Nine years after it made it’s premiere at 2011 Frightfest, Central City Media are releasing British indie thriller, The Glass Man.

The psychological horror thriller includes a strong British cast of Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) and James Cosmo (Game of Thrones), as well as horror icon Neve Campbell (Scream).

The film tells the chilling story of a middle class man whose desperate weathering of the current economic crisis ends. When the arrival one night of a debt collector with an offer that surely cannot be turned down.

There’s no reason given why the film was never given a proper release in 2011. A lot has happen and now a release is coming next month. Last month director Cristian Solimeno made a feature called I Made This For You. His exploration of masculinity and mental health but takes a different approach, focusing on a group of friends trying to stop one of their mates from committing suicide.

Check out the official UK Trailer

The Glass Man tells the story of Martin (Nyman) whose perfect life, with the perfect wife (Campbell) and the perfect house is shattered when a loan shark, Pecco (Cosmo), calls at their home in the dead of night to collect what he’s owed. Pecco offers an ultimatum – lose everything or be his accomplice for the evening. As they hurtle towards the terrible deed that Martin must perform, it starts to become clear that Pecco’s intentions are even darker than they appear.

The Glass Man will be available to watch on digital download in the UK on December 7th.