March 21, 2023

Crocodile Attacks Megan Fox In New Rogue Clip


Megan Fox‘s action thriller Rogue is out now to own in the UK. Lionsgate Films have asked us if we could give the film one last push with a new clip.

Fox plays  the leader of  a group of mercenaries sent into a remote part of Africa to rescue hostages. When things go wrong on the mission, the hunter becomes the prey!

In the new short clip, the group have been on the go for a long time, they need a break. If you think it’s only the Lions that prey on them, beware of any water…Crocodiles Attack!

Check out the clip below then remember to enter the competition to win Rogue on DVD (link below the clip).

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Battle-hardened mercenary Samantha O’Hara (Megan Fox) leads an elite squad of soldiers on a daring mission to rescue a hostage from a group of violent terrorists in the plains of Africa. But when the mission goes wrong, the team is stranded, Samantha’s squad must face a bloody, brutal encounter with the ferocious gang of rebels, and a ravenous, enraged lioness that is baying for their blood after escaping from an illegal lion farm.

With explosive set-pieces and a horde of rampaging wild animals, former wildlife photography M.J. Basset (now best known for her work in action and horror) delivers a killer slice of action cinema, with a shrewd critique of poaching and the black-market animal trade.

The film also stars Philip Winchester, Jessica Sutton, Calli Taylor, Brandon Auret, Adam Deacon, and Sisanda Henna. The film is also directed by Soloman Kane director M.J. Bassett.

Rogue is available now in the UK and Ireland on Digital and DVD.