Beatdown Time In The Batman Lego Created Trailer

Seeing any blockbuster film in cinemas feels like an eternity away, So many films set for release next year. As a cinephile we’re excited, the trailer keep us in the loop, one of those films is The Batman.

Matt Reeves version may not be released now until 2022, it’s still very much anticipated. The first Batman film in a decade with Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Caped Crusader. Warner Bros Officially release the first Trailer via their DC Fandome event teasing a broody, dark vision of the Caped Crusader. A noir tinged thriller that could easily fit into Se7en, how about toy bricks? Like Lego?!

The past couple of days a new version of the Trailer was released, created in Lego accompanied by Nirvana‘s ‘Something In The Way’ song. This is wonderful, most of all impressive, check it out…

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We all know Warner Bros have created this several Lego movies, like The Lego Batman movie. This Trailer has no connection to those movies, if anything too dark in tone to be part of them. This fabulous trailer is the work of YouTuber Joebor1777, and several other animators. It took them two months to make, and the level of detail is superb.

The Batman was the first movie to restart production in the UK when the original Lockdown restrictions were eased. It also left Robert Pattinson with Covid-19 and the production with endless delays.

Source: Youtube