A Video Essay Tribute To Phone Booths In Film

Apart from being an excellent film magazine Little White Lies are garnering a reputation of some brilliant Video Essays. Majority of those Essays come from the creative minds of  Luís Azevedo and Jake Cunningham, like The Art Of Social Distancing. This one came out just as the first lockdowns, a fun way to socially distance using Wes Anderson films.

Their latest fun video essay includes Wes Anderson once again plus much more. The latest is called ‘Missed Calls: A Eulogy For The Movie Phone Booth‘. Before there was the internet, mobile phones if you were in need to call someone  a phone booth or phone box here in the UK was your point of call. You always had plenty of coins to spare especially if your call was going to be long. You always wonder how the younger generation would survive when these phone booths/boxes were your only source.

The fun video essay is only 7 minutes long, and the part those phone booths played in films over the years. Sometime merely for decoration, other times playing an important role in the film…From Hitchcock to Spielberg and The Wachowski’s to Wes Anderson, enjoy…

From #AlfredHitchcock to #WesAnderson and the #Wachowski sisters, a public payphone can be called on for a small gag or a major plot point. But as movies and technology evolve, the phone booth is being left behind. Luís Azevedo and Jake Cunningham mourn the loss of one of the great cinematic locations.

Source: Little White Lies