Watch The UK Trailer For The El Duce Tapes Documentary

The El Duce Tapes, the outrageous new X-rated music documentary about a controversial, legendary underground figure who was trolling the US before anyone knew what the term meant, and pushed the limits of free speech to breaking point! It’s coming exclusively to the Arrow Video Channel and today Arrow Video have released the official Trailer!

The film is a unique, outrageous portrait of the self-styled “King of Sleaze”, described on American national television as a ‘disgusting pervert’, a hugely divisive, troubled figure who was a skilled musician and prescient provocateur, with a very interesting background, who also claimed he was asked to kill Kurt Cobain for $50,000.

Buckle in, it’s gonna be one crazy ride!

In the early 90s, aspiring filmmaker (and General Hospital co-star) Ryan Sexton lugged a giant camcorder into some of the seediest clubs and filthiest apartments in Hollywood. There he filmed hour upon hour of VHS footage of the jaw-droppingly offensive Shock Rock band The Mentors, focusing on their infamous lead singer, “El Duce.” Almost 30 years later, the team behind The Nightmare and Room 237 uncover this dusty stockpile of long forgotten – and much unseen – footage. They begin to search for clues to piece together a picture of the man under the black executioner’s hood and what his wilfully offensive act and controversial views might tell us about 21st Century America. An incendiary, tragicomic documentary (midway between The Decline of Western Civilization and Crumb) which has been hailed as “Essential Viewing” by CineVue and called “Dark and irresistible” by director John Carpenter. The El Duce Tapes will chew you up, spit you out and leave you floored.

You can see The El Duce Tapes first, November 2nd, on Digital HD and the Arrow Video Channel. Irish fans can see at Horrorthon 2020 with IFI @ Home between 24th until 26th October.

It’s time to join the cult. Switch on, tune in and start your 30 day free trial now: Amazon (UK) | Arrow (USA/CAN)