15 April 2024

Watch The Trailer For Shane Ryan’s This Girl, This Boy

Mad Sin Cinema have sent us the official Trailer for Shane Ryan‘s indie LGBT Drama This Girl, This Boy.

The film, which has been shooting for over the course of several years, follows a gender fluid teenager who deals with isolation and confrontation while fighting gender dysphoria. The movie is part documentary, following a real-life teenager battling these issues, while including some scripted scenes to help build more of a story. Ryan spent two years filming it and the following year plus going through dozens of hours of footage trying to figure out how it will be put together, with plans on a bit more filming.

Ryan has directed and acted in mostly thrillers, true crime and horror films, but “old school action, 70’s style dramas and coming-of-age films were always what I wanted to make or act in,” says Ryan. “I’ve never had the budgets for action films, and drama underground films don’t sell, but this is what I want to make, so I’m finally giving it another shot.”

We do like the cinematography that reminds us a little of Jonah Hill’s Mid-90s, check it out…

A 16 year old faces isolation in a small town while having the difficulty of choosing between being transgender, gender fluid, or CIS gender. Part documentary, part fiction, the film follows a real-life teenager who struggles with these issues.

The film stars Lilith Singson, Carissa Carlberg, Delaiah Hastie, Lilly Montano.

There’s no confirmed release date for This Girl, This Boy just yet.

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