Sunday Short Theatre – T’as Vendu Mes Rollers (You sold my roller skates?)

No matter how young or how old you are, at one point of our lives we must face Loss. The older we get that loss is always usually a person we love in this week’s Sunday Short Theatre it’s a loss of an prized item. T’as Vendu Mes Rollers or You sold my roller skates? is animated short from Margaux Cazal, Jeanne Hammel, Louis Holmes, Sandy Lachkar, Agathe Leroux, Léa Rey-Mauzaize, all from French animation school Gobelins.

This delightful little coming of age short centre’s around a pair of roller skates. We find ourselves at a local swap meet Lou is venturing around the meet. His world falls apart when he learns his mum has sold his beloved skates. He sets off to reunite himself with the skates and his journey sees him confront a series of strange and revealing encounters.

The premise of this six minute film won’t be revelatory, it’s all in the execution. The premise sets up a story of adventure and discovery for Lou, most of all one of courage to let go. We do find it hard to let things go, especially when we’re younger a toy, book, game that gave us so much please.

This animators behind this film are now graduated, many moved to pastures new. This film is one of a number of other films part of the schools annual slate of films (about 20 this year). The visual style is very much a cross between anime ‘Chibi‘ style and graphic design  style that sometimes seen in logos and signage.  On the evidence of this film some great talent to look out for in the future…

Lou is stuck at the local swap meet, his mom manning their family’s booth. When he learns she sold his awesome rollerskates (yellow, with flames, and neon green laces!) he’ll stop at nothing to get them back.

Unless your natural tongue is French, enjoy, if not, click on the subtitles (icon looks like a small braille box).

Source: Short Of The Week