Sunday Short Theatre – Negah (Gaze, 2017)

Farnoosh Samadi’s 2017 Short film Negah (Gaze) is our choice for this week’s Sunday Short Theatre. A film that tells us even your best intentions can get you in trouble, especially if your a woman in Iran.

The story is simple but the potential aftermath could be catastrophic is you speak. Negah or Gaze tells the story of a woman returning home after a long day at work. On her bus journey home she witness a crime, should she report it? Or should she mind her own business?

Samadi’s short could easily resonate anywhere in the world. Many people who fear for their lives for speaking up, but it’s women especially who live in silence . Any sane person we would report the crime, at the same time there is something in the back of our heads questioning what would happen if I do? They fear the worse.

I made this film to start a conscious struggle in the mind of the audience. Should we tell the truth and accept its consequences, or we could turn a blind eye to all faults and flaws and live an easy life?”. said Samadi

This social dilemma women face this every day, Samadi herself has had personal experience. It feels ‘not to make a fuss’ is a big etiquette, reporting could get you in worse trouble than the criminal itself. This short film we feel we’re in the shoes of the woman witnessing everything, repression of women sadly continues in certain parts of the world.

Eight awards for the film since it’s creation in 2017, is enough to check this one out…

On her way back from work a woman witnesses something happening in the bus and she has to decide if she reveals it or not.

Source: Short Of The Week