Netflix Review – Hubie Halloween (2020)

Within the much-loved historical hometown of Salem, Massachusetts; the continuously picked on, ridiculed and lambasted Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) is always on the alert for unusual happenings.

With an escaped inmate from a nearby asylum on the loose and relatively conspicuous new neighbour moving in next door, this year’s Halloween celebration is about to test his amateur detective skills.

Simple on the outside, a heart of gold on the inside, Hubie has endearing affection from only a few, his secret childhood sweetheart admired from afar (an irresistibly charming, Julie Bowen) and his dear old mum (June Squibb, a first time Oscar nominee at age 84) they both see the good in him whilst the rest of the town prefer to play pranks, generally resulting in outrageous reactions, including a somewhat menacing, Ray Liotta.

Following the loose plot thread of a potential killer on the prowl during a night of crowded all ages townsfolk trick or treating, there’s actually some fun to be had and not the worst Sandler movie by any means, there’s a lot worse.

Many of the costumes are outstanding, an inventive pop culture checklist of cool characters out and about, some offering sleight horror references, other music nods. Prince, is seen briefly at a diner and who knew there was a corn-maze in Salem?

Soundtrack contains an array of novelty Halloween tunes and authentic locations will seem quite familiar to another, far superior All Hallows’ Eve comedy, Hocus Pocus (1993)

Delightful cast of Sandler regulars are obviously having fun on set, from Kevin James, Maya Rudolph, Rob Schneider to iconic Steve Buscemi, running around here as a creature of the night, or so he thinks; very funny.

Juvenile humour will no doubt delight teens and undiscerning adults, it helps if you are a true Sandler admirer.
For the uninitiated beware, Hubie is another in a career string of oddballs that is sure to be another massive hit in his recent exclusive Netflix oeuvre.

★★ | Movie Analyst

Comedy, Mystery | USA, 2020 | 12 | 7th October 2020 | Netflix | Dir.Steven Brill | Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen , Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph, June Squibb