It’s A Wrap On Unchartered Movie, New Images Revealed

It’s a official the highly-anticipated movie version of Unchartered, the popular video game franchise of the same name has finished filming…It’s A wrap!

Eight directors, delay after delay along with Covid-19, finally the movie has taken a big step closer to reality. Sony Pictures have released a number of new images to celebrate the film now entering post production.

This comes as Tom Holland released a first look at his character, the treasure-hunting hero Nathan Drake, last week. Mark Wahlberg has now released an image of his character Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan’s shirt.

The Cross of the Brotherhood in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.
Magellan’s Book in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.
Sully’s shirt in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.
Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.














The idea of the film has been in the works since 2008, with directors, cast (or lack of) and storylines constantly changing. A leaked script also delayed the film forcing Sony to remove the film project from it’s 2016 and 2017. Ruben Fleischer (Venom, Zombieland) has taken over the reigns and to fans delight now finished the film to post production stage.

Tom Holland plays our lead hero a young Nathan Drake with Wahlberg his foul mouthed mentor. The game is a Indiana Jones style game based around Drake who is meant to be an descendant of Sir Francis Drake. He travels around the globe discovering lost cities and uncovering mythical treasures.

The actual story for the film we don’t know at this stage, all we know it will be a prequel of sorts to the actual game. The film is set for release in Summer 2021.