Watch Trailer Love, Guns and Level Ups Webseries

Been a while since we had a look at a web series and through the night I received info on this intriguing new series.

The series Love, Guns and Level Ups comes Fury Fingers. It’s a 6 part series about video-games, love, cosplay, modern dating, swords, zombies, pop culture conventions, lust and social media.

This plays like a geeks wet dream, with a slice of virtually everything geeks love. Fury Fingers have sent me the Trailer for the series which is available now!

When London based International cosplayer BREE and an introverted Australian game developer ELLIOT connect through online gaming, romance blossoms as bullets fly and swords are swung. They discover the challenges of long distance relationship, but when Bree is offered the opportunity to travel to Australia as a cosplay ambassador they must face off in the real world.

The series stars Eduard Geyl, Lisa Fanto, Walter Buckley and Shabana Azeez. Directed by Andrew Shanks and Nicholas Cleary.

All 6 episodes are now available and you can watch the first episode of Love, Guns and Level Ups  below. For the rest of the episodes head over to the channels Web Page. Each episode is only around 10 to 11 minutes long…

3,2,1 – BATTLE! It’s ‘Love at First Fight’ as Feisty Bree and Reluctant Elliot meet on an online battle field. “Last Man or Woman” standing mean alliances are shaky at best.