Top Five Bond Scenes

What do suits, gadgets, sports car, a love for danger, women, martinis and the casino have in common? They’re all loved by Bond…James Bond. There are some 26 Bond films adapted from the Ian Fleming series. And as well as a number of films, 007 has inspired the likes of online poker and online baccarat casinos too.

In Casino Royale for an example, 007 (Daniel Craig) ended up in a challenging game of poker with very high stakes. It’s a tense scene with Bond getting dealt a straight-flush draw.

There have been several Bond actors including George Lazenby, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan, all performing the role marvellously. But of the Bond films, which are the best? Skyfall, Die Another Day, The World is Not Enough and Tomorrow Never Dies are just a few that received rave reviews.
So, what are the best Bond scenes of all time?

The Spy Who Loved Me

During this 1977 classic, Roger Moore skis off a cliff making for perhaps the best Bond scene in the 20th century. It’s no secret that a Bond movie is not complete without a long fall and this time, he has a machine-gun wielding group of Soviet spies on his tail, so he has two choices; get sprayed with bullets or out-manoeuvre them. Of course, he chooses the latter but fails to spot the cliff straight ahead but he does not unexpectedly plummet to his death because he’s well equipped with a parachute. Typical Bond.


Another Bond film and another jump. Felix Baumgartner shocked the world when he fell 24 miles – almost a marathon – to Earth but he had a parachute right? Bond proves himself the real dare devil as he is pushed out of a private jet without a parachute, however, rather than plunge to an untimely end, he defeats the bad guy and steals his parachute.

Casino Royale

This film no doubt had a huge influence on sites like meilleurs casinos en ligne and as well as a good old fashioned poker game on, a fight always makes for a classic Bond scene, however, we prefer the ones where he is without his nifty gadgets and he has to use his strength and intelligence to overcome his enemies. If you throw in some series heights for good measure, you have a brilliant setting for a Bond duel. So what better scene than Casino Royale’s crane fight with Daniel Craig.


Falls, fights and car chases…Goldeneye features an epic car chase and here, Bond has to be pretty resourceful. We’ve seen him drive a boat down the street in The World is Not Enough but here, he’s chasing General Ourumov through the streets of St. Petersburg and suddenly stumbles across a Russian T-55 tank. What better vehicle for a car chase with your enemy than a tank, an actual tank.

Casino Royale again!

Casino Royale features yet again in this illustrious list of brilliant Bond Scenes. Le Chiffre, financer of terrorism takes Bond on in Texas Hold’em poker, though the stakes are far higher than that of any million dollar win. Bond knows that if Le Chiffre win, he has the funds to go through with his deadly plan. Thankfully, for all the tension, Bond defeats his enemy and takes him down.