Sunday Short Theatre – Senseless

We may still worry when this Coronavirus may end when we have narcissistic individuals like Trump spouting out his bile rhetoric. He’s certainly making the rest of the world feel unsafe on many levels especially threat of possible wars. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, David Zamorano’s Senseless finds us in the aftermath of war, Nuclear war.

Senseless is a 14 minute animation of a last standing soldier, isolated on a remote island in the aftermath of a Nuclear war. He’s loyal despite the downfall he holds his position along with his prisoner.

This film is one of anti-war but also can resonate with the current pandemic, with the loneliness, the isolation, the madness. The trauma of war can be a lifetime of suffering and unforgiving. This kafkaesque short inspired is inspired by the true story of Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda, who kept fighting in World War 2 on a Philippine island well after surrender of his nation.

This is a slow and evocative worthy of your time.

The film was recently premiered on Short Of The Week, Zamorano commented on his film

I was particularly interested in the collapse of already surreal situations. Final battles, revolutions and the transitions from one stage to another, impossibly complex scenarios and the states of mind that result from such extreme moments which can sadly, trigger the lowest and most irrational of behaviours.

I was also keen on exploring, and even more so as a graphic designer, how the world could be so very rapidly divided and tore apart by political and ideological “brands”. This question informed the basis for the story behind the short film.