Sunday Short Theatre – Floaters (2020)

Heard the one of about two bickering spaceships? After you watch this weeks Sunday Short Theatre you will!

This week’s choice is Floaters a 4 minute animated sci-fi short from Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts. We find ourselves in a futuristic dystopian world and usually when we talk about Dystopian worlds, we think about London, New York, Tokyo, Beijing. For this one it’s futuristic East Midlands!

In Floaters, we find ourselves in the year 2123 East Midlands, Two spaceships decide to have a vapid chatter about registrations. There is also a problems they both have the same registration, but one is legit the other isn’t!

This is a fun, simple story with some sharp dialogue. The project started as an intention of live action short comedy before becoming the film it is now. Poyzer explained he picked up the idea of animated short thanks to his hobby of creating 2D Sci-Fi art. It’s a brutalist animated style that we see in most science fiction stories and out of months in lockdown as well as learning the animation software we have this 4 minute film.

It’s a surreal comedic style that the UK has came famous for over the years. Described as comedy stylings that are rooted in banal observations and day to day eccentricities inspired by Armando Iannucci and Jesse Armstrong.

Kitchen Sink animated sci-fi!

The voice cast comes from Rachel Stubbings, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, and Jake Yapp.
Source: The Film Shortage