Life away from the celebrity music limelight

For most people, music is a hobby, but for those celebrities that have made it in the music industry, it is a stressful and unpredictable life.

To relax, celebrities partake in a plethora of past-times, and, whilst some of these can be the usual mundane hobbies such as kicking back with a book, there are often many unique and exciting diversions to their normal job ranging from enjoying a spin at the best payout casinos online or a collector of vintage typewriters….

A Rolling Stone in a bingo hall

76-year-old Mick Jagger has lived like few others and seen things the average Joe would never see as the Rolling Stones’ frontman.
But, away from the stage, Jagger likes to participate in bingo – almost an antithesis to his life in a rock and roll band – and hosts bingo games at his home.

Whilst Jagger’s love for bingo in the flesh is common, online gambling is also experiencing a monumental boom too with the best real money casino sites offering a vast amount of deals and promotions to enhance your online bingo experience from the comfort of your own home.

Though Jagger and his A-list celebrities play bingo in the traditional way, the rapid advancement of technology may see him and his posse shift to online bingo in the near future.

Life is like a box of chocolates

Is there a more diverse actor in the industry than Tom Hanks? The man that continues to leave a lasting legacy with Forrest Gump to the serious, contemplative Chesley Sullenberger in Sully: Miracle on the Hudson, Hanks will forever be remembered as an actor that cannot be defined in one category or another.

But, away from the screen, Hanks is a collector of manual, vintage typewriters. It’s this love for the typewriter that saw him develop the Hanx Writer app where users can type like you would on a typewriter, using technology to bring the past into the future.

Averting the lycra

Perhaps one of the actors that most divides opinion, Nicholas Cage continues to find himself hired for major roles – a new National Treasure film is rumoured to be on its way, for example. But, one role has yet to be awarded to Cage, that is, of Superman which is one of his main passions.

Despite nearly being cast in a 1990s film by Tim Burton, the American has failed to reproduce his love for Superman on film.
Cage’s obsession with Superman is quite evident; not only does he collect items, comic books and memorabilia, but Superman’s real name – Kal-El – was given to Cage’s son.

A life on the rail

Neil Young is well-known in the music industry, but his love of trains is perhaps lesser recognized. His music success spurred Young on to invest in the Lionel company that specializes in toy trains and model railroad accessories.

In fact, the singer/guitarist was so instrumental in the Lionel company that he helped design the control system for model trains.

With an eye for making money too, however, Young sold his entire model collection for a staggering $300,000 in 2017.

Smile: You’re on Candid Camera

For a guitarist and singer that was responsible for the rock classics Run to You and Summer of 69, there was always likely to be another talent hidden amongst the psyche of Bryan Adams.

Famous for the rock sing-along classics, Summer of 69 and Run to You, Bryan Adams is a world-renowned star. But, this talent is not just confined to music as his photography skills have been used consistently throughout the industry also.

The likes of Sting and Rod Stewart have all been on the receiving end of Adams’ cameras and he is so well-thought of that Vogue has even published some of his captures.