Frightfest Halloween 2020 Korean Zombies To Psychotic Pensioners

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Olivia Newton John got physical in the 1980’s, in 2020 humanity has far from it. Next month The dark heart of cinema Arrow Video Frightfest will be getting ‘physical’ in October for it’s Halloween event. Today they launched their line up and the news that they’ll be hosting it all at Cineworld Leicester Square!

Following the cancellation of the traditional 5-day August event, Frightfesters will be delighted at the news they will be together again. The day at Cineworld Leicester Square will be from October 22 – 25, 2020 and as espexpected an a packed programme. This year with thirty-four new features, presented over three screens. Embracing ten countries and spanning four continents, the nation’s favourite fear-a-thon includes seven World, two International / European and twenty-four UK Premieres.

Christmas has come early for frightfesters!

As previously announced, the opening night attraction is the UK premiere of Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula. This year’s festivities will close with he World Premiere of Held, considered one of the most hotly anticipated action fantasy films of the year. The film is described as “Parasite and Get Out meets The Stepford Wives”, from The Gallows franchise directors Chris Lofting and Travis Cluff.

There is a big focus on British directors with Neil Marshall and co-writer and star, Charlotte Kirk, with the UK Premiere of his plague-driven tour-de-force The Reckoning. Chris Smith brings his pre-World War II haunted house horror The Banishing to the festival for the UK Premiere. Festival favourite Colin that cost Marc Price £50 will be returning for the world premiere of his more expensive space survival thriller Dune Drifter. Adam Leader and Richard Oakes’ possession pandemic debut feature Hosts, making it’s World Premiere. A home-grown survival thriller with a more malicious bent, also enjoying a World Premiere is Will Jewell’s Concrete Plans in which five builders spiral out of control.

There are also extraordinary British debuts from director Gavin Rothery with his gripping futuristic thriller Archive and Damian McCarthy with Caveat, a terrifying journey through madness and memory loss. Both directors will be attending for their UK Premieres.

Horror Channel sponsored ‘First Blood’ strand, continues to unearth home-grown talent in spectacular fashion. There are four further entries this year with the World Premieres of Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey’s wonderfully infectious Alien On Stage, Leroy Kincaide’s paranormal chiller The Last Rite (based on real-life experiences) and David Ryan’s blood-soaked Redwood Massacre: Annihilation starring Danielle Harris. Last but not least is the UK Premiere of Karl Holt’s Benny Loves You, where Chucky meets Fatal Attraction!

London Film Festival may have the UK Premiere Natalie Erika James Relic, Frightfest be physically screening the film. An unforgettable new spin on the haunted-house movie we cannot wait to enjoy! Bryan Bertino’s harrowing The Dark And The Wicked shares a similar theme but laced with isolated and murderous desperation, runs through. Let’s Scare Julie which is cleverly filmed in one uninterrupted continuous take and Honeydew, in which a young couple seek refuge in a house belonging to an unforgettable new geriatric horror villain. Home is also certainly not where the heart is in Julius Berg’s The Owners, in which the seventh ‘Doctor Who’ Sylvester McCoy and Swinging Sixties icon Rita Tushingham take on Maisie Williams and her invading gang, and home invasion is taken to new gory heights in Canadian entry For The Sake Of Vicious , an eye-grazing splatter rollercoaster ride.

There is a different kind of murderous ride with the UK Premiere of Tailgate, a Dutch Duel with a ferocious bite. The second Skyline film delivered what the first film couldn’t and the action continues with the UK Premiere of SKYLIN3S.  once again written and directed by co-creator Liam O’Donnell.

Another successful franchise is The Final Destination and its creator, Jeffrey Reddick, gives us Don’t Look Back , a new take on supernatural karma and its horrific consequences. When it comes to the perfect look in fashion you want the ‘killer look‘ Jill Gevargizian’s portrait of a female serial killer, The Stylist, a stunning debut feature based on her 2016 short, starring Brea Grant and Najarra Townsend.

Comedy horror, thankfully, is in rude health, and FrightFest has its finger on the genre funny-bone. So get ready for the UK Premiere of Slaxx, the tightest fitting bloodbath in history as a pair of vengeful jeans goes on the rampage. Other laugh-out-loud entries are New Zealand’s supernatural buddy murder mystery Dead and Andrew Thomas Hurt’s crazy action body horror Spare Parts.

The rest of  the line-up includes Takeshi Kushida’s captivating and visually mesmerizing Woman In The Photographs. An occult take on the Seven Deadly Sins in Courtney Paige’s The Sinners , John Berardo’s twisty teen slasher Initiation.  Teddy Grennan’s gritty survivalist thriller Ravage, with Bruce Dern in menacing form, Aaron B Koontz’s bloodthirsty hybrid Western horror The Pale Door .Thomas Robert Lee’s dark, coming-of-age shocker Blood Harvest (US Title: The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw).Adrian Langley’s brutally served dish Butchers  and, from the producer of It Follows, a fairytale about a family with a monstrous secret in Broil.

The short films haven’t been forgotten about with Three shorts have been added to the monstrous menu: Italian director Federico Zampaglione’s Bianca: Phase1 and Phase 2. A double-bill of creepy family stories set in Rome under lockdown, which Zampaglione shot single-handedly on his iPhone and Andrew Bowser’s dark comedy Little Willy  about a failed actor’s distorted relationship with the puppet he found fame with.

FrightFest co-director Alan Jones said: “Thrilled as we were that our virtual event in August was so well received, applauded and reviewed, nothing beats the real FrightFest deal and our globally envied community interaction. So we have extended our usual one-day Halloween celebration to an action-packed four-day get-together in order to put our mutually inclusive world back on track and fill that missing summer gap”.

The full guest line-up will be revealed in due course.For detailed information on the line-up, ticketing details & event guidelines – > Here. News on The digital edition of  FrightFest Halloween  is  coming soon.

Arrow Video FrightFest October 2020 takes place at the Cineworld Leicester Sq. between Thursday October 22 until Sunday October 25.