Film Review – Lucid (2018)

Grabbing your attention early, Lucid, remains involving and unpredictable without letting the audience in on an obvious outcome thus allowing characters to flesh out in a series of unusual scenarios, mostly within dreams.

Nervous twenty-something Zel (Manchester boy, Laurie Calvert) literally walks through life without direct purpose.

To help him along, Zel accepts handouts from his adoring Mother (wonderful, Sadie Frost) but does not enjoy new job as car park attendant at a members only underground supper club type establishment, whilst secretly pining for a beautiful woman, Jasmine (Felicity Gilbert) living within his apartment building but yet to converse with.

Randomly meeting fellow apartment dweller, scruffy former doctor, Elliot (an almost unrecognisable until speaking, Billy Zane) he suggests Zel could gain confidence amongst other tribulations including approaching the object of his desire by attempting ‘lucid dreaming’.

Going to different places and living in the subconscious is not all clarity or smooth all the time. Zel gets himself into trouble when a fine line grip of reality blurs into dreamscape.

Blue is the warmest colour for exuberant Sophie Kennedy Clarke as Kat, cheerful, friendly, almost out of place club employee that takes an honest shine to Zel.

Remarkably, Lucid, is directed by legally blind Adam Morse, an affliction since a teenager of peripheral vision has thankfully not stopped his pursuit of the arts.

An interesting romance spawned from noting down his own lucid dreams in a journal, such as Zel does in the film. A curiosity piece worth your time.

Shane A.Bassett ★★ 1/2

Sci-Fi, Thriller | USA, 2018 | 15 | 11th September 2020 (UK) | Digital Download | High Fliers Films |Dir.Adam Morse | Billy Zane, Sadie Frost, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Jamey May,