Under The Dome The Suicide Squad Panel

Later that night, the largest panel of the event were brought on, The Suicide Squad. Proudly introduced by director James Gunn, Gunn answered questions from fans on his influences and interest in the franchise and how far his movie would dive into the lore.

This was followed by a short video introducing each actor and the character they’ll be playing, including Gunn regulars Michael Rooker as Savant and Nathan Fillion as TDK. A total of 18 cast members were on screen at the same time, making this not only the biggest Zoom call I had seen this year, but made me, and no doubt other fans, wonder how much time each character would have on screen in the movie.

They all acted like the Wonder Woman cast, like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time and proceeded to pick members of the cast to be on their sides, although the cast had already been revealed which deemed it pointless. New characters such as Ratcatcher 2 (known as Ratcatcher in the comics) played by Daniela Melchior, John Cena’s Peacemaker and Peter Capaldi as The Thinker will intrigue and delight ardent DC fans, but probably leave others scratching their heads because there just wasn’t enough time to explain everyone’s involvement. Although giving it all away so quickly may not have been the best idea. Poor Margot Robbie, arguably the biggest star in the cast barely got a word in edgeways and was probably just happy to be in front of a camera again.

A behind the scenes featurette was shown as a little more of the characters were seen and an interview or two, but as James Gunn said himself, he was still editing the movie so I suppose they wanted to get it just right. Finally, the rumoured involvement of Taika Watiti left a large gap as he wasn’t there at all. However, this may have been to further conceal his role in the movie or the executives thought that his off the wall sense of humour may have distracted from proceedings.