Under The Dome The Snyder Cut Panel

The Snyder Cut has divided many fans. Some think that Zack Snyder should have been given the chance to realise his vision on the big screen before being fired halfway through production. Whilst others believe that once a movie has been made then there shouldn’t be any do-overs as the studio, directors and cast had their chance and should move on. Some Director’s Cuts have been successful like Ridley Scott’s many cuts of Blade Runner whereas others believe George Lucas should have left the original Star Wars trilogy alone. However here we are and thanks to a huge campaign Zack Snyder’s Justice League is due to release next year.

The man himself, Zack Snyder hosted the event taking questions from fans, but ‘cleverly’ posed by the cast themselves. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill all asked their pre-agreed and authorised questions from fans. Although part of me wonders what Jeremy Irons is doing in lockdown and Jason Momoa’s absence was notable.

Then to narrow the fanbase down even further, Snyder introduced Fiona Zheng, an instrumental fan who led the, what they called movement, to get the Snyder Cut made. Probably the nicest moment of the event, a fan actually got to talk to a real person in real time where they could talk back and forth. Zheng’s passion and excitement were clear, but her nerves didn’t get the better of her and it led to a nice interaction that perhaps made it more obvious as to why so many fans wanted Justice League to be done properly (besides the obvious).

Then Snyder talked to Dexter Washington, an American man perhaps a little older than Fiona Zheng who discussed his part in the Snyder Cut movement. Washington seemed calmer than Zheng who was understandably excited and showed perhaps a more media trained interview, although it was good to show that people from all over the world really want to see Justice League done justice. Snyder also revealed that The Snyder Cut would be coming to HBO Max next year in the US, cut into 4 one-hour segments (a miniseries?) and shown over 4 days and that Warner Bros are looking into distributing it to anybody who doesn’t have HBO Max (anyone outside of the US, basically). Let’s just hope the Abrahms cut of The Last Jedi isn’t coming anytime soon.