Under The Dome Shazam! Panel

Now we come to the Shazam! panel (or Shazamel, never mind, doesn’t work) introduced by star Zachary Levi and included Asher Angel (Billy Batson), Jack Dylan Grazer (Freddy Freeman), Faithe Herman (Darla Dudley) and Meagan Good (Super hero Darla). Also joining them by ‘surprise’ was director David S. Samberg and umm, Sinbad? You remember Sinbad, right? He was in Jingle All the Way as the other dad that was competing against Arnold Schwarzenegger to get a toy for his kid for Christmas. Oh, he was also in a terrible film in the 90’s called Kazaam, or was he?

It turns out that if you remember Sinbad in the terrible 90’s comedy where he plays a genie then you’re wrong because that was Shaquille O’Neill and yet that’s become such a ‘well-known fact’ that in the internet’s collective mind that became true. However, this was also the thinking behind including Sinbad in the Shazam panel and after the joke has been done, he just hung around like a third wheel. The joke may have seemed funny at the time, but at nearly 1am it didn’t come across nearly as well as they’d hoped and also slipped my mind what the joke was about until I researched it the next day.

Adam Brody (Superhero Freddy) briefly appeared as well before the title is revealed as Shazam: Fury of The Gods through a cute, albeit forced joke about Faithe Herman drawing an exceptionally professionally rendered poster for the new movie. I like what they did with it and it was probably aimed at a different age group than the rest of the event (under 10 or over 30 if you got the Sinbad joke), but it probably would work better depending on what time zone you were in and your current mood.