Under The Dome Black Adam Panel

After some of DC’s more established movie franchises, DC Fandome gave fans something that perhaps they weren’t expecting. Step forward Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as he narrated a suitably dramatic animatic that set the tone of the future DC villain, Black Adam movie.

Handing over the proceedings to the man himself, Johnson stood in front of a green screen with a background resembling the temple that Black Adam has been encased in for 5000 years. His screen presence and likeability shone through the screen, even though he will be playing a villain and many fans would have been happy to see him, no matter what he was promoting.

Johnson then answered questions from fans on Twitter which he answered knowledgeably and then a video question was presented surprising The Rock as it was his co-star, Noah Centineo who plays Adam Smasher (got to love comic book character names). It was all very nice and bro-like between Johnson and Centineo and after their discussion of preparing for the film another cinematic played introducing Hawkman, Dr Fate and Cyclone as members of the Justice Society (Justice Society of America in the comics) confirming their parts in the film. However, who is set to play them is yet to be determined.

Capping it all off, Johnson went into character for a moment and sent a message to all the members of the Justice League that things are going to change, but then finished it off with a wide, charming grin. Whatta guy. All in all, something a little different for the fans and one that has been talked about for years with only Johnson considered for the role and thankfully it seems to be coming together nicely.