Tron 3 Starring Jared Leto With Garth Davis To Direct?

It’s probably one of the worst kept secrets that Tron 3 was in the works. It now seems Disney are close to starting the next instalment with the Jared Leto and Garth Davis set to direct.

Deadline have broke the news on this one, but state the news of Garth Davis as director is not 100% confirmed. Davis will be known more for his smaller arthouse films including 2016 film Lion starring Dev Patel and Rooney Mara. That film received 6 Oscar nominations including best picture, his follow up wasn’t as successful. 2018 Mary Magdalene starred Mara again but critically didn’t deliver however commercially did. For this Tron Sequel the reports say insiders pursued the director and if this is confirmed shortly, it will be the director’s first tentpole film.

It’s amazing to think it’s now 10 years since Tron: Legacy was released which introduced Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde to the franchise. Arriving 28 years after the original film which starred a young Jeff Bridges a computer hacker who is abducted and taken into a computer program called the Grid. In this program he is forced to participate in gladiatorial games.

Like the sequel the film wasn’t a big hit, however this 1982 original film would eventually become a cult film.Largely thanks for several reason with the special FX of the time was a  ‘game changer‘.Bridges would return for Legacy as him older self and a CGI created younger self.

Thanks to the box office success globally, the talk of a third film has been on the cards for a while. However thinks got a bit stagnant until 2017 when Jared Leto became connected to the film. It say’s Let will also be producing with the first draft of the scrip already written by Jesse Wigutow.

There’s no word if Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund or Olivia Wilde would return. If they do go ahead with this film, could this film head directly to Disney+?