‘They’re Waiting For You’! Watch Ravage UK Trailer!

Signature Entertainment have released the UK Trailer in the gritty , brutal, raw revenge thriller Ravage. Starring Annabelle Dexter-Jones as a young photographer whose trip into the woods turns into a game of vengeance and survival!

This one does seem to have a big Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the past year played several genre film festivals to some success. The film had a very positive response including Best Film at 2019 New York Horror Film Festival.

Dexter-Jones plays a nature photographer who is set on assignment to the middle of nowhere. When taking pictures, she witnesses something she shouldn’t have seen. Finding herself captured but is able to escape finding herself fighting for survival.

Harper, a young nature photographer on assignment in the woods of the Watchatoomy valley, captures a disturbing event of a man being brutally whipped and beaten in the woods. After reporting the incident to the local sheriff, she is quickly captured by the culprits and taken to an abandoned farm in the woods to be tortured. Due to Harper’s experience as a survivalist, she is able to escape but is on the run and has to quickly outsmart her captors.

The film co-stars stars Bruce Dern (The Hateful Eight, Peanut Butter Falcon), along with Eric Nelsen, Joshua Brady, and Robert Longstreet. Teddy Grennan writes and directs this one.

Ravage will be released in the UK and Ireland on Digital HD from 5th October.