Sunday Short Theatre – Wandaland


This week’s Sunday Short Theatre  is a cracker. It comes from Richard Noble  and Richard is in his first year of MA Narrative animation at the London Royal College Of Arts. On evidence of this 6 minute film Wandaland he will go far.

Inspired by the likes of Walt Disney and Howard Hughes the film takes us into the fictitious world of an animation tycoon who has a dream of building his own theme park. The park will bear John Wanda’s name  and when it’s built his obsessive nature, pride, and constant changes threaten the existence of the park.

The film is a mixture of medias , combining 2D animation, 3D animation, motion capture, live-action and photographic elements. Which Noble described as  “culmination of all the different techniques I’ve taught myself over the past 5 years”. Constantly changing visuals which give the film an  psychedelic, dream-like feel, Noble describing his approach as  “throwing aesthetic coherence to the wind”, fantastic stuff.

Chris Marker’s La Jetée is a big influence on this film and used the voice over as an reference to paint a surprisingly complex picture of his fictional media mogul. He hopes the film will spark you imagination when it comes to the film and it does that perfectly.

Source: Short of the week