Sunday Short Theatre – The History Of Nipples

‘What are my nipples for?’, it’s the burning question that’s been asked in this week’s Sunday Short Theatre. Be careful how you answer it, as you might find yourself on a existential crisis. Bailey Tom Bailey‘s short The History of Nipples might just have you gazing at your nipples for a very long time.

Off course this one should have you laughing too, a dark comedic 10 minute short psychological horror. A film that looks a perfect accompaniment for the recent Butt Boy. A film inspired by the director’s visit to exhibit at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. An exhibition that had the bizarre ritual of sucking on a King’s nipples!

Here’s some words from the director on his thoughts about the short…
The idea came from an exhibit at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. Which described a bizarre Celtic fertility ritual that involved sucking on a King’s nipples and the repercussions when the ritual failed. My original idea was a mock sex education film but it became more of a drama. What fascinated me beyond the absurdity was how it contrasted with our modern relationship with our bodies, the physical world and spirituality today.

When I initially thought of the idea it seemed too silly. But as my writing began to consistently take the form of dark comedy-drama meets surreal psychological horror with a focus on character and theme, The History of Nipples seemed like the perfect vehicle to crystalize my voice. When working at Somesuch I met producers Aaron Z. Willson and Callum Harrison who were interested in producing the short through their company Bad Collective (now re-branded Ground Works) along with associate producer Mel Giles.

‘What are my nipples for?’ Ron asks and falls into a personal crisis with a drastic solution.

The History Of Nipples also stars Joseph Macnab and Lily Wood.

Source: Film Shortage / Short Of The Week

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